160 years of Radgonske gorice

The vine has been present for ages in the hilly area embedded between the rivers Ščavnica and Mura, so the people here know how to honour and cultivate it.

In the years between 1792 and 1835 the archduke Johann, brother of the Austrian emperor Franz, broadened the wine production in the area. In 1819 the Styrian Agricultural Society was established in the town of Graz with a subsidiary in Radgona.

In 1852, an inhabitant of Radgona, Mr Kleinošek, brought the first sparkling wine to market by the classical method of in-bottle secondary fermentation. This was published in the “Bleiweisove novice”, a well-known Slovenian newspaper of the time. Later, Kleinošek’s company was bought by the Swiss-French family Bouvier. Production was expanded and many cellars, still in use nowadays, were built.

After World War II, the agricultural combine of Radgona took over. It was in 1997 that today’s stock company Radgonske gorice was established. It is Slovenia’s most important producer of sparkling wines and has a first-rate reputation for its excellent still wines too. Radgona’s Traminer with the “black label” has become a real wine legend in Slovenia.