Is a brand name of white wine. It means that various sorts of wine are put together and many different tastes compliment each other into a harmonious whole. The wine is geographically branded. The final taste of the wine depends on how all the sorts blend into the new harmony.

Mixing the sorts is getting more and more popular these days, because it shows the creativity of the oenologist who wishes to emphasize the best qualities of individual sorts and make them work together in the new wine. Consequently, the quality of the new product depends on the quality of the individual sorts and, of course, on the oenologist’s good taste and knowledge to perfectly capture the ratio between the individual sorts.

Where does the name Janževec originate from?

The first name of this wine was Janžev Vrh – simply taken from the name of the place where the vineyards grow. The name stuck until the mid seventies, when the inspectors decided it had to be changed. The root of the problem was the grapes for the wine came from various different places, not only Janžev Vrh. The wine got the name Janževec which was a name that was familiar to locals already. The locals used the name in old Christian custom (Janževec or Šentjanževec). The brand name is closely connected to Janževo wine, which is being blessed on December 27, also known as Feast Day (John the Apostole).