The Radgona line

In May 2005 we launched a new line of bottle wines with the trademark “Radgona”. The stork depicted on the bottles is well known to the Slovenian connoisseurs of wine as it has already brought them previous legends of Radgona, such as Radgona Gold, Radgona Silver, the Traminer with the black label and Janževec. The appearance and the style of the wines have been adjusted to present trends and to the requirements of modern customers. The wines are dry and fruity with the distinctive characteristics of the different sorts. We have attached great importance to the tradition of the company Radgonske gorice and have added the sign “since 1852” depicted within the symbol and the appellations of different sorts: Rulander a synonym for Pinot Gris and Muskat-Silvaner the old name for Sauvignon.

The wines from production line Radgona are a modern type of wines, which applies to the needs of modern consumers. We took into the account all the modern technology, and at the same time, we kept the long tradition of Radgonske gorice. All the characteristics of the environment are kept intact. This is our autochthonous sort of Radgonska Ranina and, at the moment, the most popular world sorts Pinot Gris and Sauvignon.

The wines are made from grapes which ripened on the sunny side of the Radgonske gorice vineyards. The process of making wine and the most was carried out in reductive conditions without the presence of oxygen. That is how we wish to keep all the present aromas from different sorts. The other important factor is fermentation which happens in a controlled atmosphere with low temperatures and the addition of the selected yeast. The results of this process are fresh, fruity wines with the stressed sorts’ aroma.