Pet-nat Renina

Pet-nat Renina

Pet-nat Renina is a unique wine that belongs in its own category. Some say it’s a “weirdo” among wines, but a happy and fun one that is playful and lively, and incredibly drinkable if we allow it to experiment with our taste buds.

We might smile. We might grimace. We might savor it deliciously. We might just shrug our shoulders. We might be enthusiastic about it.

Anything is possible when we don’t know what to expect. Anything.

Pet-Nat is a affectionate abbreviation for the French term “petillant-naturelle”. In translation, it can be understood as “naturally sparkling”. This means that the wine is bottled before the first fermentation is complete, and allowed to finish the process in the bottle. The result is a gently sparkling wine that fills our mouths with the fruitiness of the grapes. This production method is called “methode ancestrale”. No sulfur is added and the wine remains cloudy, as it is not usually filtered. . Renina is unexpectedly very dry.

This is one of the easiest methods of production, but also one of the hardest, as it is unpredictable. It requires the winemaker to have the courage to present the most natural type of sparkling wine on the table – and with bated breath, wait for the response…

VARIETY100 % Ranina
TASTEbrut, very dry
THE SOMMELIER RECOMMENDSServing temperature 6 – 8 °C. We recommend this natural sparkling wine on its own or as an accompaniment to simple dishes and desserts.