Sparkling wines

“Champagne or sparkling wine is there to please the modern gentlemen. There are no festivities without bubbles being present. In our Empire the production of sparkling wine has been attempted, but – quite frankly – nobody has succeeded as well as Alojz Kleinošek (rightly Klenošek) from our town of Gornja Radgona. Many people hold it in high esteem, because it is always good for you. And it was Mr Kleinošek who started this magnificent thing. He traveled to the French region of Champagne where he stayed with an excellent wine producer for half a year and discovered and acquired the secrets of the trade. After his return, he started with the production of sparkling wine in Gornja Radgona and at the end of 1852 the successful first sparkling wine Kleinošek was ready for sale. Its instant popularity was proved by the sales of 12 thousand bottles within a few months only.”

Bleiweisove novice, December 10, 1853, »STYRIAN SPARKLING WINE BY KLEINOŠEK«