At the far-most north-east part of Slovenske gorice the land is hilly and lies between the river Ščavnica on South, Apaško polje on West and north-west and between the river Mura on East and north-east. This is where you find Radgonsko-Kapelske vineyards. The tops and sunny side are planted with vine, which has been bearing the wine for centuries, the exact same wine that even Gods will not say no to.

Some of the cellars present here are over 200 years old. They are a part of our tradition, at the same time we can brag that these kinds of cellars are not typical and are something extraordinary. How extraordinary exactly, you can find on these pages, or even better yet, come visit Radgonske gorice.

We offer variety of packages: you can have a short hour stroll in our cellars, learn something new about the production of the sparkling wine, refresh yourself with a glass of sparkling wine or take a few extra hours and diversify the tour with a wine tasting in our wine tasting hall.

You can visit our cellars from Monday to Saturday between 7AM and 5PM, but you must call in first on this number: 02/564 85 13 (Cvetka Čretnjak). Or you can contact us here: The group should consist of at least 9 persons, and at most 80.