The cellar of the first slovenian sparkling wine

Come and visit the cellar where the first slovenian sparkling wine was born

If the first champagne, respectively sparkling wine, was called “devilish wine” it changed its nickname to something much more noble as soon as the French king and his accompanying ladies tried it. “VIN DU ROI” it became or “ROYAL WINE”! The first king to introduce this new wine at the French Court was Philippe II of Orleans who ruled from 1715 to 1723.
And gradually the habit became a custom, not to say a bad habit or worse even a sin, but then, there were so many sins at the French Court and as the saying goes…”Noblesse oblige”! It is known that the king’s mistress Madame the Pompadour was the first to bathe in champagne. She was also the one who declared that champagne was the only beverage in the world a lady could drink as much as she wanted of and still remain beautiful.
The bathing of the king’s mistress sinful body in champagne became the epitome of prestige and luxury but at the same time also the embodiment of beauty therapy. Nowadays of course the beneficent effect of bubble massage is well known, especially combined with thermal baths. The acidity of champagne is also said to be salutary for the skin and the best cosmetic products contain a level of acidity, which is similar to the one in champagne.

If 1668 is stated as the year of birth of champagne and 1743 as the year when the great champagne cellar Moët & Chandon was established in Épernay, then we also have a date to be proud of in Slovenia:  the 10th December 1853! On that day an article appeared on the front page of the newspaper “Bleiweisove Novice” bearing the headline: “Styrian Sparkling Wine Kleinošek” and where one could read: “champagne or sparkling wine is there to please the modern gentleman. There are no festivities without bubbles… in our Empire the production of sparkling wine has been attempted, but – quite frankly – nobody has succeeded as well as Alojz Kleinošek (rightly Klenošek) from the town of Gornja Radgona. He went to the French region of Champagne where he stayed with an excellent wine producer for half a year and discovered and acquired the secrets of the trade. After his return he started with the production of sparkling wine in Gornja Radgona and at the end of 1852 the successful first sparkling wine Kleinošek was ready for sale. Its instant popularity was proved by the sales of 12 thousand bottles within a few months only…”