You can hear the vineyards!

You will not believe it, but you can hear the vineyards

The “klopotec” is a big wooden rattle, which is placed in the vineyards at the end of the summer to keep the birds away. Its cheerful rattling sound portends good news. It announces a good harvest and makes the heart of every winegrower rejoice. It has its very special sound, its rhythm and its intensity when whirling in the wind over the wide expanse of the vineyards. That is why the “klopotec” is an important visual and acoustic feature of our winegrowing region. It heralds the time when we may anticipate the pleasure of reaping the harvest; the moment when the grapes will be ripe for picking and when their juice will become must and later wine. The merry song of the “klopotec” can be heard in the vineyards only, where it rightly belongs and where it shares the fate of the wine: both, wine and “klopotec” are best enjoyed on home ground.
Come and listen to our vineyards. You can do this while sitting in our sightseeing train, which will take you along the wine road in the Radgona and Kapela wine district. You may choose between three different routes, one of 9.9km, one of 14 km, and the longest one of 19,1 km. You can make your advance reservations on the phone numbers +386 2 564 85 26 or +386 41 212 446
or by e-mail:

When looking around the vineyards which embellish the landscape in their own special way, one can see how beautiful the place is, where Noah’s gardens were sown.” (Tone Pavček)

That is why we invite you to the country of Noah’s gardens, where together we shall listen to the quiet murmur of the playful bubbles of selected Chardonnay.