The Treasury

Treasury of archival sparkling wines

Radgonkse gorice have officially opened the treasury of archival sparkling wines, which has been kept in the Bottle Cellar under the Waterfall and the Bottle Cellar under the Roman Wheel. We have been ageing Radgona Gold bottles for three decades, which makes the oldest sparkling wine from the year 1977. That coincides with the vintage when the first bottles with the Slovenian sparkling wine name were filled.

In the pdf file you can see what we offer in our treasury. All the archival sparkling wines for sale are of golden-yellow colour and sweet smell. Because we want to make sure all the sparkling wines, which we tend for carefully and gently, keep their full glory, you can buy them only directly from our cellars. Each buyer or the receiver of such a grand gift will be put down in a special archival book.